Don’t Bend Down


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Artist: Devon Garcia

Medium: Cedar wood

Size: 26″ x 18.5″


What does a young man with a screwdriver do? The obvious answer is that he, or anyone, would tighten or loosen screws … but to create a statement, carve a wooden plank to make a sculpture, which might be a rare scenario.

Devon Garcia is one of them.

“It was a natural thing,” Garcia says. “I could draw, and somewhere in high school, I found a piece of board and tried to carve it with a screwdriver.”

It was better to create something from the piece of board than throwing it away, he said, and started to work on it.

This was in the 1960’s. Garcia has come a long way since then. Fueled by his passion, belief, and the love of the arts, he chose to carve out his career as an artist.

“I used to cut out things on the tree bark and make things from matchsticks,” he says. “They looked good and I was told I could make a living.

“I wasn’t too bright with the books, so I sought my expertise in wood carving,” Garcia adds, with a tinge of humor.


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