The Sacred Palm




Artist: Leandro Soto
Medium: Mixed Media – acrylic, crayon, burlap on canvas
Dimensions: 4′ x 4′ 6″ (four by four feet and 5 inches)
The story behind this creation:
This piece belongs to a Series called “Caribbean Goblins”. In this series, each piece deals with a different aspect of our Caribbean culture and life. Synthesis of different mythologies that exist in the area is the subject and each piece responds to an integration-fusion of divine characters with their narratives.
Colored burlap is the surface that supports everything, reminding us that the sugarcane was and still is a powerful resource, which was produced in some of the islands and continental Caribbean areas. The goblin form used in the pieces responds to the movements and displacements of diverse human groups in the area coming from the 5 continents.


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