Harley Riders




Artist: Shane “Dready” Aquart

Medium: Digital print on canvas – – Limited Edition, series of 99, HD archival pigment print, on heavy duty canvas

Dimension: 24″ x 24″

What do you get when you mix graphics, canvas, colours, a commentary and flight of imagination? Not a flyer in this instance, but creative expressions on an overdrive.

The life and travels of ‘Dready’ live life on that cruise control, exploring the world from the Jamaican perspective and giving the island’s flavour in familiar and not-so-familiar situations.

Dready, created by Jamaica-born artist Shane Aquart, who has taken on the name of the character, finds its genesis in T-shirts for Barbados’ Crop Over festival.

From the hop-step and road march in the streets of Bridgetown, Dready has evolved into a brand name.


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